When building your dream home, quality must be the #1 priority.

When building your dream home, quality must be the #1 priority.

Aug 04, 2021

Amplify Infra

Building a home has a lot of sentiments and dreams associated with it and your number one priority must be quality materials to be used along with quality workmanship. Time is more valuable than money in this generation and having free time is an invaluable asset and you cannot afford to waste it on daily trips to your home construction site, as you do not have that buffer time in your busy schedules. Then how do we ensure that the quality of the home being built is top class and according to the best industry standards? The first step is to hire a good professional contractor who gives you a transparent bill of materials and specifications, it will be an added benefit if they can provide you with a technology enabled project management system that can help you track your home construction project with ease and not needing frequent site visits. Your contractor must act as the owners engineer and help you complete your project with minimum hassle.


Key Steps to follow to ensure the best quality-


•   Clear Bill of Materials-The contractor must provide a clear bill of materials along with the specification of the cement or other materials used in construction. Ensure that you use top grade OPC-53 cement for all RCC construction and PPC cement can be used for brickwork and plastering. The kind of doors, windows and tiles that will be provided and makes, if possible.

•   Specifications of Materials and Workmanship-The contractor needs to specify the Grade of Concrete Mix to be used- M20/M25, etc and the thickness of plastering and how waterproofing will be done, etc. He also needs to mention if he using river sand or Robo sand and what kind of bricks,etc.

•   Quality Checks and Tests-The contractor needs to specify the test he will be doing at various stages to check the quality. Test cubes, slump test, etc are ways by which we can ensure the design mix of concrete is strong enough. The quality checks and inspections they will employ to see that rod bending, brickwork and plastering are happening according to the design by the architect.

•   Clear Agreement-The agreement with the contractor should ensure that all the bill of materials, specifications and timelines are clearly covered, ensure that the payment milestones are also mentioned in the agreement. The agreed prices for the contract along with the taxes that are to be paid to the government like GST. Most contractors do not provide a GST bill but professional contractors who want to be in the construction field for a long time and provide quality services provide clear bills including GST. This will change in the future as government is very strict of GST payments.

•   Monitoring of Work- Professional contractors will have a qualified person like a civil engineer monitoring the site. Most local contractors do not have anyone monitoring the site and it can cause issues with quality and some times even result in rework. Professional Construction companies are coming up with technology enabled solutions along with a qualified site professionals to overcome this issue and will provide daily updates on the work done at site and the quality checks performed.

•   Owner Site Inspections- It is always good to visit the site once in a fortnight or month and see the progress of work physically and verify if it matches with the commitments in terms of quality and the timelines.


We at Amplify Infra help you overcome all the quality problems faced during home construction by being your general contractor and acting as the owners engineer. You need not waste your time in coordinating the project and your can track your project using our tech-enabled project monitoring application and view the daily work progress and inspections done by our professional site engineer. We also have a dedicated Amplify Captain (Project Manager) to answer all your concerns regarding your dream home construction. Please visit our website to know more about our home construction packages.


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