Common Pitfalls in Home Interior Design Projects

Common Pitfalls in Home Interior Design Projects

Jul 12, 2021

Amplify Infra

A sound structure and a beautiful interior are the dreams of any homeowners, they spend lakhs of rupees to spruce up the look of their home and beautify it according to their taste and lifestyle. The environment of your home will reflect your mood and set the tone for your visitors. All homeowners want to have a good experience and quality workmanship through their interior designer and contractors but most have a tedious experience in terms of time and cost overrun and also at times not getting the desired output. Below are a few of the common pitfalls and how to avoid them.



Design- Ask your interior design firm to show you a few standard designs before you start designing your home interiors to get an idea of what is feasible in your budget. 2-D drawings and 3-D renders help solve the design problems to a large extent, please ensure you get the designs after paying a design fee, it will help you minimize the risk and also know what you are signing up for and what should be the desired outcome. 3-D render coupled with virtual reality will help you see and feel how the home will look once the interior is completed, you can choose various color options and see how they will look in different lighting environments, the new age technology will help you reduce the surprises in your project outcomes.


Cost Escalation- Most interior projects start at a lower budget and end up 20-30% higher cost due to the lack of professionalism or transparency in the agreements. Please ensure that the agreement covers the designs you have agreed upon and the specification for the equipment or materials to be used for the interior design project. Most cases when you ask for minor changes you will end up paying a hefty fee so better to freeze the design and cost according to the agreed specifications before the start of the project. If you need a GST bill please let the contractor know beforehand and ask them if the cost includes GST.


Time Delays- Interior works take more time and effort and need skilled manpower to execute the work so ask for a clear and realistic timeline and if possible the breakdown of the works and project schedule also how you can track the project on a daily basis. Availability of skilled manpower is an issue and engaging a good interior designer and contractor is very important as there are many trades that come together like- electrical, painting, carpentry, false ceiling, lighting, home automation, etc so it takes time and effort to coordinate and get the works done in a professional manner.  When doing a home automation project be extra careful with the wiring and have back-up manual overrides if things don’t work in home automation due to any glitches.


Quality Workmanship- Most quality issues can be mitigated by using good quality materials coupled with quality and skilled workmanship, so the choice of materials like paints, plywood, wallpapers, lights, etc matters a lot, and getting the right materials matter in the long-run. A person should be at the site to monitor the quality and make sure the workers are doing a clean and good job and are not trying any shortcuts. It can be ensured by a dedicated and experienced resource only.



Do not try to start an interior project as a piecemeal job, it will take a lot of time and effort and you will end up managing 10 different contractors who rarely turn up on the expected date and time, your project will go over budget. By giving it to a reputed design-build firm you will be in a better position to cover your risks.


Amplify Infra offers Interior Design solutions in Hyderabad to both individual homes and apartments, we will design your dream home according to your budget and taste. We will ensure quality skilled workers are engaged and our project captain (dedicated to your project) will be in constant touch with you and update you on the progress and take your feedback through our mobile app. Our project captain will monitor the site on a daily basis and ensure all the works go smoothly according to the committed schedule and cost. He will help you in the selection of materials and designs and make sure you have peace of mind.