Building a home is a dream for everyone and it should be a great experience to construct and live in the home

Building a home is a dream for everyone and it should be a great experience to construct and live in the home

Nov 19, 2021

Amplify Infra

Constructing a home that suits their family requirements is a dream for every person and it is once in a lifetime investment for many people. This kind of an investment should be made by with good clarity and trust. The construction ecosystem in India is very broken and non-transparent which makes the process of home construction very tedious, and time consuming and marred with quality issues, time delays and cost escalations if not done with in partnership with a good contractor. How to choose a good individual house builders or contractor? Look for referrals in family and friends or go for a professional home construction company? Or carrying out the construction on our own is the good choice? Which is the best option?

Problems faced by customers during residential home construction process

To start a residential house construction a customer needs to go through the stages of design, supply of materials and the actual process of construction. He needs to first find a good architect or design firm that can design the house as per his requirements, then he needs to get the detailed drawings of structural, electrical, plumbing, elevation, architectural, etc. Many of them do not even do a soil test or visit your site before giving you the structural drawings so how can you be sure that your structure is sound and will stand the test of time and nature.

As shown in the image below he has to interact with minimum 10 different trades (Civil, Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, Carpentry, Flooring, etc)  of contractors or hire one general contractor who has the team and experience to bring together the people from 10+ trades and carry out the residential or commercial building construction. There are many individual home builders or contractors in the market but the find a good contractor is still a challenge and how to trust him with you dream home construction is a question to ponder about. Do you have the time to manage the residential construction project and do it add value to the project and do you have the required knowledge  understand the construction methods being used by the contractor.

If you are finding a general contractor and giving the residential building construction as a turnkey contract, you need to know if the contractor is skilled or does he hire skilled employees and sub-contractors and also what is the material specifications he is promising and how he will ensure the quality of the materials and are you being given the wrong materials that do not fit your taste or quality standards. There is a lot of scope change the construction material specifications and it will lead to a struggle with your contractor to get him to use the right materials.

 If you are purchasing on your own, you have to go to multiple home construction materials stores and take quotes and compare and buy the materials according the specifications desired which is a very tedious and cumbersome process by itself as you do not have a one-stop-shop for construction materials like Home Depot in any city of India, where you can just go and pick up all your materials as you need. You have to visit over 50+ stores in your city in different locations and chose on your own during the time of your residential house construction project as there is no website like Amazon to order the construction materials to your house construction site doorstep. Will you save time and money at the end of the day? In most cases, for working professionals this will not be the best utilization of their time to manage a home contractor or a home construction site, it is mostly a one-time activity so better to go with a trusted, experienced and professional residential home construction company.

Solution, Amplify Infra- a one-stop-shop for design, supply and build solutions for residential home construction and commercial construction.

 Large and reputed home construction companies like Amplify Infra are process driven and use technology to simplify, standardize and manage construction processes. Amplify Infra has a good team of experienced design, supply chain, project management and construction professionals, and acts as a one stop shop so the customer can have a hassle free construction experience. Large construction companies like Amplify Infra have more experience, better processes, buying and bargaining power that will help you get a better experience and price per square feet overall, and you need not waste your time following and coordinating up with a residential construction contractors or suppliers and overall pay higher and spend more time managing your project. Individual home builders or contractors lack this kind of a construction ecosystem in one place, Amplify Infra is trying to build a trustworthy, transparent construction solutions ecosystem in India. Why Amplify Infra is different from other home construction companies.


One-stop-shop-Solution: We are a design, supply and build company, we provide all the residential house construction solutions under one roof. Along with construction solutions we also provide all the aligned home construction solutions including approvals, bore wells, geological survey, vastu consultation, solar rooftop installation, electric vehicle charging stations installations, etc.


432+ Quality Checks: We strive daily to improve our construction process by leveraging latest tools and construction technologies in the market. We are keen on improvement of construction quality and efficiency so that both the customer, contractor and Amplify Infra benefits from the process improvement. We have developed internal technology tools to track each construction process at all home constructions sites and improve the process overtime. We have clear checklists that have to be reviewed and updated on our application when they start any activity on site, this needs to be updated along with photos and videos so that

Item-based Flexible Costing: It is your dream home so we give you the liberty to choose your desired materials from our selections and the prices are transparent for each of the fitments you choose to include in your project. We only add the costs of materials and labour that go into your project and give you the best price for your unique project. We do not follow a lumpsum approach like other individual home builders or contractors.

Transparent Contracts: Our contracts a transparent and help you manage your contract easily, as we give you a clear Bill of Materials and Specifications of the items we will be using in your project along with pricing per square feet and the timelines committed to the project along with force majeure contingencies. We believe clear, transparent and fair contracts will keep both customers and Amplify Infra satisfied in the long-run.

In-time completion: We strive to complete all our individual house construction projects within the committed timeline as any time overrun will cost us more to complete your project and this is not healthy for our company in terms of both reputation and financial health. We strive to be resource efficient and lean as a company.

Price Control:  Your prices are locked in a transparent contract and we will ensure that we adhere to the written and signed home construction contract, it will give you peace of mind to plan your budget for your dream home project.

Hassle Free: Amplify Infra will be your single point contact and you need not interact with various contractors and suppliers; we ensure our project engineer assigned to your site is well qualified and is keeping you informed about the progress of work and quality checks being performed at site. Project Engineer, along with Sr. Project Engineer and Project Manager will keep you updated and help you in the selection of materials and project execution until the completion of home construction and house handover.

Technology Driven Project Management: We built our own digital tools for project management and supply chain management. We are a digital first construction company that leverages technology to simply construction and deliver a hassle-free customer experience. We are coming up with more digital tools that will enhance your customer experience, for us customer satisfaction and process improvement are a daily activity.

Professional Construction Management Team: Our founders have 10+ years of experience in construction, real-estate and project management and both are ISB (Indian School of Business) Alums.  Our 30+ team of engineers are very professional in approach and goes the extra mile to help the customer build their dream home with a great customer experience and satisfaction.

We are a passionate and committed bunch of individuals who came together with a motto “Simplifying Construction through Technology” and are building a digital construction solutions ecosystem, we look to add like-minded and creative more people to our team and keep improving and building as a company. We have taken a differentiated stand to improve the processes of design, supply and build by using technology and not be normal age-old traditional construction company, the response to our construction solutions has been very encouraging and ever growing, we are growing an average 30% month on month and our customer satisfaction levels have been encouraging us to do more and build more. We love to build and wants to help our customers build the best possible dream home with a great experience.


Written by,

Yashwant Ram Meesala


Amplify Infra