Amplify Infra is a place to get all design solutions. We use latest available technology to provide you with unique and inspiring designs for various categories of projects. Technology enables us to provide you designs which are error free and at a competitive price. We ensure Optimum utilization of spaces based on customer requirement and simultaneously ensuring Vaastu norms compliance.

We provide various type of Design solutions

  • 2-D Floor Plan Designs

    Draft your Imagination as per Vaastu

  • 3-D Floor Plan Designs

    Experience the reality of your future house

  • 3-D Elevation Designs

    Visualize your Dream Elevation with our expert designers

  • Structural Designs

    Sound Structural drawings from the best in the industry

  • VR/360Degree Designs

    Visualise & walk through your home even before it is built

  • Valuation & Project Reports

    Construction valuation/project report for Financial Loans

  • We measure our success through customer delight and the efficiency of the design we deliver. Our Founders have 10+ years of experience in construction sector and our team has designed, built and delivered various residential, commercial and sustainability projects.

    Our Commitment

    Professional Project Management
    We are an experienced project management team and take pride in our professional approach, we are your single point contact and we help you avoid multiple touchpoints in dealing with contractors, suppliers, architects, etc. We assign a dedicated site resource to your project who will report to you about the daily works being executed and a project manager is always available to address any of your concerns or doubts. We believe that responsiveness is our responsibility right from design stage through construction and handover.
    Technology Driven Project Management
    Our end-to-end turnkey project management solution allows you to save time and money while building your dream construction projects. We have built our own project management application that integrates site management and supply chain management to avoid any delays, wrong materials being sent to site, also helps avoids miscommunication and maintain transparency in the work being executed.
    Quality Construction
    Our site team performs 432+ Quality Checks during various stages of construction through our project management application, to ensure that the quality is maintained through the different stages of the project. We used top-quality materials for construction and you can view the quality checks performed through our dedicated customer application.
    We provide clear materials specifications along with the final agreement and deliver the committed materials and quality, we do not allow our contractors to engage in malpractices as we control the supply chain and quality specifications.

    We Design your Dream house