Tensioning is a clever way of reinforcing concrete during construction and it provides active reinforcement. PT provides compressive stress on the material, which offset the Tensile Stress that concrete may face due to load. PT is applied by use of post tensioning tendons.

PT Construction cost starting from Rs.1450/Sqft (Inclusive of GST) for Minimum 20,000 & Above Sqft of Construction.

Below are the elements in post tensioning technology.

a) Prestressing Steel Strands (Tensile strength 4 times more than normal bars)
b) Sheathing & Protective ducting (This allows Steel Strands to move when Tensioning force is applied post curing of concrete)
c) Grout / Corrosion Inhibiting coating
d) Anchorages (Locking using anchors)


We have partnered with the best suppliers of materials like Adani Solar, Delta Power, etc to deliver customised solutions according to the client requirements.

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Our end-to-end turnkey project management solution allows you to save time and money while building your dream construction projects. We have built our own project management application that integrates site management and supply chain management to avoid any delays, wrong materials being sent to site, also helps avoids miscommunication and maintain transparency in the work being executed.
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